Brainbox games Roald Dahl

There are so many brain box games to collect just like this one. They come with many different themes and it’s all about memory and observation. 

The Roald Dahl theme is a particularly clever idea as most children are already familiar with the books and movies such as Charlie and the chocolate factory. 

 The game cubed box comes filled with picture cards. Each card from one of 3 books – Charlie, Matilda and The BFF. A few lines of text from the books also appear on the card. 
Taking turns to play; each player is given a short amount of time to study the card. Young non readers can play along too but will need the words reading to them.
The back of the cards contain 8 question. The question is determined by a roll of the 8 sided dice and relates to something on the card, either in the image or the text. It’s then down to the player to give the correct answer and keep the card. 

 The player with the most cards wins. The game can be set to be played for a specific amount of time.
It’s a quick learning experience type game, and it would seem the younger players do much better than us adults.
Brainbox games cost around Β£11.99.

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