Project Mc2 spy journal

If you have a young girl who loves secret diaries and also likes the Project Mc2 franchise then this spy journal may just be her thing.

It’s different to the traditional diaries as it contains so much more. It comes with an Nov8 Missions book, invisible ink pen, “nerdy” bracelet, and also has hidden compartments.

The bracelet is used to open up and unlock the journal, and no worries if my girl loses the bracelet because it can also be opened via a secret button too, tho we best not tell her nosey brother that.

The invisible ink pen uses the black light technology to display text and images in the journal, only when the special pen is shone onto the pages.

The journal is interactive, it requires batteries and when opened will give various greetings and messages. There is also an app but this is only for Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, ipod etc). The app isn’t really needed, the journal can be used without it and it’s just an added extra feature.
The notebook contains chemistry element tables which really come in useful when learning about science. There are also several stickers and space to write own notes. 

 This journal costs between Β£18-Β£25 depending on where it’s bought from and seems fine for girls ages 7 and over. It’s a place to write secrets whilst also learning some science.

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