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Something Different is actually the name of an online wholesaler and distributor of many unusual, fun and perhaps a little bizarre items. If you’re wanting an unusual gift and stuck for ideas then this could be the perfect place to browse!

Their product category list is enormous, from clothing to books and decorations to children’s stuff, there is just so much to choose from. This is my ideal online shopping heaven. 

Some of you may know that I am actually pagan and therefore I love the things that most people would find strange and unusual or even a bit weird. Items like this burner that I can decorate my home with any time of the year.

I actually have a pentagram on my back, as well as on several things around my home. This elegant tea light oil burner lamp is created with soap stone. The idea is to place a tea light inside and oils in the top bowl. The candle heat then gently warms the oils releasing aroma into my home. The candles and oil don’t come with the burner, but can be bought from many stores inexpensively. 

 These are just some of the candles from the website. 

They are chakra candles. The seven chakras are the centers in our bodies in which energy flows through. Each one of these small candles represents one of the Chakras.

They are designed to be lit and burned in glass holders and release strong relaxing aromas. The aromas can be sensed without lighting them too. I really like these.  

Now this is so pretty – it’s a lotus flower candle holder. 

Again this has something to do with the the Chakras and in this case – Chakra 7 which is violet and is the highest (crown) chakra located at the top of the head. Violet has a lot of meanings – spirituality, wholeness, letting go, magic and mysticism to name a few. 
I found this lotus flower really alluring and when it’s near light or when a candle is inside it seems to change colour slightly  – it certainly is mystifying.

I own and often use tarot cards, although  I tend to stick to reading my own cards and those of very close friends only (my family thinks it’s a load of rubbish). These lovely two items come in useful for storing the cards and also make extremely beautiful decorative features. 

Again both with the pentagram symbols I have a triple moon goddess tarot bag in rich velvet and a Celtic pentacle tarot box in embossed finished silver which as you can see is just absolutely stunning. 
A perfect place to keep gems, runes, spells and small items as welll as tarot cards.  

Something Different even have lots of clothing apparel and accesssories for both adults and children in many themes. Us girls all love our unicorns and fantasy in this house and for those who like something  a bit darker, welll there’s goth and many other t-shirts just like the ones we have .

And for gifts – they have jewellery items like this gorgeous angel star stone necklace.

Or a pair of monster claws for the feet!

Well monster slippers really but so warm and fluffy and good for both  big and little monsters alike.
 For the little monsters who are feeling the cold already then wrap them up in one of these!
It’s a lazy one critter blanket and they come with all sorts of crittter and monster designs. Very big, fleecy and so snuggly, mini critters just won’t want to unwrap out of them.

Alll of these amazing products and more can be viewed on the Something Different website but only trade orders are accepted on there. 
Many of the products can be purchased via Amazon or  through  one of these retailer links. 
Find Something Different 
Tams Treasures
T-shirt world

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  1. November 8, 2017 / 19:09

    Wow, a collection of lovely and unusual gifts, that goes straight to the heart. The violet lotus candle holder is especially beautiful, and as a horselover, I really fancy the unicorn T.shirt. The angel stone necklace would also make a good gift for a special friend. All together a very interesting place to visit.

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