The Happy Puzzle Company – Waxidoodles

WaxiDoodles make an excellent school holiday craft kit. The kits contain coloured bendy sticks which are coated with wax. These sticks bend into shapes to crease anything that comes to mind.

They feel a little strange, a little sticky but not actually sticky. That doesn’t make much sense I know, but they don’t leave hands or fingers feeling sticky, they just sick to each other and most surfaces, without leaving any marks.

Yes bracelets and all sorts of jewellery type bits can be made with the sticks but so can anything else, people, animals even building or Halloween monsters. Kids and even adults can have hours of fun with these.

They can be cut too to make them shorter, bended, twisted, curled etc. It takes a tiny bit of pressure to make them stick to each other and they can also be taken apart and reused. Izebella even made her creature stand up.

Unlike play doh and sticking, glueing, etc, this activity is completely mess free, they don’t stick to the carpet and there is no messy glue or paints involved, it’s just the waxidoodles sticks. 

They come with a sealable bag and a white play board.
Waxidoodles packs cost Β£14.99 from The Happy Puzzle Company and contain lots of Waxidoodle sticks to keep us all entertained throughout half term.

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