Lily O’Briens petit indulgence Collection

If chocolates are on your to buy present list this Christmas then consider making it a special box of chocolates rather than the usual same old yearly box.
Lily O’Briens are one brand that I would consider more suited for special occasions such as Christmas and birthdays. A nice luxury box with assortments of fine truffles and melt in the mouth pralines. Surprising they don’t cost the Earth either despite being much nicer than many other chocolate brands found in supermarkets. 

Yes that’s correct, many of Lily O’Briens chocolate boxes can be found in various supermarkets.

This Petit Indulgence Collection is very deceptive. The box is small so it made me think that there was not going to be all that many chocolates inside. However what I did not realise is that this small box actually contains 3 layers of six chocolates per layer, thus giving 18 chocolates in total.
There are six varieties of chocolate in this one box, 3 of each one, so plenty to share if feeling generous. Each one is extremely satisfying in its own way. It’s also a mixed combination of milk, dark and whites chocolate varieties and a mixture of fillings.
And all for just £5.50 in Waitrose too. 
The presentation box and quality of chocolates would easily fool a recipient into thinking it had cost a whole lot more. So this Christmas it’s time to ditch those horrible cheap bog standard boring chocolates and buy a box of these instead. And if anyone is feeling generous then feel free to send me some more too as mine are now all gone!

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