Cartamundi card games

Card games come in many different varieties. They make fun easy quick games to play and best of all, they come in small handy packages meaning they are easy to store and easy to take away on holidays too.
We have been sent some kids card games from Cartamundi and Shuffle card games.

 The Cartamundi fundels cards are aimed at young learners and pre-school/early years.

These play and learn games include numbers, letters and colours with shapes. 
Izebella has the colours and shapes cards.
The game comes with scenery cards and transparent cards and the idea is to match the transparent cards with the scenery to create a new scene whilst learning about various colours and shapes in our world.
By beginning with the blue background card, a simple everyday scene can be created with clouds and a tree.

There are lots of combinations and shapes and colours to see. I did think, with Izebella being five that it may be a bit too young for her, but she seems to enjoy coming up with new card combinations. The age guide on the box is 4+, and it does help her with learning when not at school. 

 For a slightly older girl is a My Little Pony gem matching card game.
This game is aimed at children five and over. 

Jordanna feels she is too old to play, but Izebella again loves it. She is actually going through a My little pony phase at the moment where she wants everything pony themed. 

This game is all about matching pony gems. Each player picks which pony they want to be. That pony has a gem assigned to it and the idea is to match up the gem pieces on the cards. Each card contains several half gems which need other half gems joining up. It sounds really confusing but it’s not.

See how the gems all match (except one that is?). At the end of the game, when all the cards are down, the full gems get counted and the winner is the one with the most full gems. Again it’s all about shape and colour matching, just like the fundels game but slightly more difficult.

 Finally and something a bit different is the Cartamagic set.

Ryan loves anything magic, so was quite thrilled with this. The size of it means no big boxes full of stuff to worry about losing. It all comes inside one handy tin. There are various card tricks to learn and even mentalism cards similar to what are used by some psychics. Also links to website and various videos showing step by step instructions to most of the tricks.

 These card games make excellent stocking filler gifts. Small and compact, minimum storage needed as they come in their own tough boxes or tins. They provide lots of family fun whilst also learning. Available online, in many toy stores and on Amazon.

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