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Izebella is in reception class at school and is learning letters, including phonics, recognition and writing. It’s a long process for young children and can often be difficult to take it all in. One of the first things most children learn to write is their own name. Longer names such as Izebella can be more difficult than a name such as Ryan. It helps to practice as much as possibly at home but in a fun way and that’s where this new product comes in really useful.

This book is all about writing names, but it’s much more than just that. It comes gift boxed too and includes a special marker, stickers and a certificate.
The book begins with wavy lines, these are the first steps in writing, and getting a child used to following dotted lines. There are also shapes and individual letters at the back of the book.

The main part is Izebellas name. Her name is displayed on many pages, beginning with larger letters with dots to copy around.

Once the larger letters have been mastered, they start getting smaller, or letters get missed out for Izebella to add the letters herself, thus learning how to correctly write her name (and other letters too).
The pages are plastic coated so that the marker pen can be easily wiped off. Izebellas book is in cursive script as that is what her school uses. Manuscript is the other option.

Izebella was really surprised that the book was very similar to the work she does at school (I.e same script, letters, dots etc) so it’s good that children can be familiar with what’s inside.
Even a short ten minute practice per day can be really helpful when it comes to learning to read and write.

Write My Name book packages are personalised to the child, with names, photographs and a choice of cover colour. They cost £39.99, I think it’s the only writing practice book that she will need for now as it contains all the letters, numbers, shapes that she needs.
Buy directly online from Write My Name.

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