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Half term is now over for my lot, and it’s back to school once again. Wow! this year does seem to be flying fast doesn’t it?
With a new school term, comes new school supplies; not usually uniform or big things, but stationery. We had lots of stationery at the beginning of September but it never lasts forever. 

 Here we have a few bits from Bureau direct . They sell a selection of notebooks, journals, pens amongst other stationery type items.
The larger black book is in fact an “observers notebook”, aimed towards those who have any sort of interest in astronomy (think star gazing etc). It’s not my thing but my teenage son seems to have an interest in space and telescopes and that kind of thing so it’s him who now has this notebook.
Inside are 140 pages with varying layouts along with many astronomy illustrations throughout.
I’m not exactly sure what it is that gets recorded about stats and space, but there is plenty of space in this book to do it. Pair it with a telescope for a very thoughtful gift or just a nice addition for someone more experienced in the hobby. 
 The  “Whitelines” notepads  are a new product. You write the notes and then scan with an app and save to a device. Clever eh? 
They seem a  good idea for students and anyone who uses notes in their job. The app is free and the pads come in various sizes. 
 Finally there isn’t much point having notepads and journals without the pen. The pen you see in the pictures above is a new Japanese brand called Mark Up. In true Japanese style they aim to confuse by adding the French days of the week and French text around the pens. It’s a slim pen designed for fitting inside notebooks, black ink with various pen colours (just to confuse even more). The ink is refillable and they cost £5.95 each.
For more products and info; visit Bureau direct.

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