Tomy: Greedy Granny

Greedy Granny is so greedy. She takes all the biscuits away and keeps them on her tray, all to herself. But Granny gets tired and falls asleep, meaning children get a chance to steal Grannies biscuits. 

Players take a turn each to spin the spinner.  Then they either miss a go, or try to steal the biscuits. The number on the spinner indicates how many times the Granny button must be pressed. 

But beware, as one of those button pushes will eventually wake Granny up, who won’t be happy that everyone is trying to get the biscuits. She will jump up, raise her arms and her false teeth come flying out along with the tray and whatever biscuits are on it. 

Should Greedy Granny wake up on your turn then all your stolen biscuits go back to Grannies tray. 
To win, you need one of each of the four different biscuits. 
This reminds me a bit of buckaroo but uses a granny and biscuits as opposed to a horse. It’s one of those games that keeps us on edge because none of us know when granny will wake up and it can be quite a scare when she does. Spinning a 3 button push increases the risk of granny jumping up,  but she can literally pop up any time, it’s a matter of luck. 
Izebella is quite wary about pressing Grannies button. I don’t think she enjoys the whole suspense at all. 
Greedy Granny, from Tomy Toys is for ages 5 and over and for 2-4 players. It costs Β£15 or so from most good toy stores. 

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