Play “Your Worst Nightmare” this Halloween

If your hosting any sort of Halloween party this year, and feeling a little brave, then go out and purchase this game, because it will go down like a right trick or treat! 


This is your worst nightmare from university games. Hundreds of cards with all types of horrific scenarios that you could find yourself in. This game is bound to give you nightmares. 
Up to four people can play with the recommended age being 12 and over.
One player is the ranker who turns  over four cards. All players then write down decide which scares them the most and least, rank them in order of 1-4. The players also picks any other player and write down how they think that player ranked their cards too. See my example – the cards read Crime, demons, dark rooms and cruise ships and that’s the order of my fears. I think Ryan would perhaps choose demons over crime so I write that on the other side.

Then play passes to all the other players to each guess another players order.

Points then get given for correct rankings and bonus if all correct. Each player has a turn f being the ranker until a player wins with 13 points.
I find it amusing discovering the deepest darkest fears of my friends and family. Jordanna is only ten but also joins in. It makes one terrifying party game. 

It can sometimes be difficult to put one fear before another. For example, which one is worse? Being mugged or being hit by a car? It’s equally as hard to guess what someone else has wrote even if you know them really well. After all, not many people openly discuss the things that make them scared. 

The boards are wipeable and the markers come with little wipers on the lids. Unfortunately these tend to pop out easily and they are black, so it’s often a case of locating them and pushing them back in place. A cloth is also fine to wipe the boards clean.

I would have liked to see a few more playing boards than just the four, so that more players could join in, thus making it slightly more difficult. It does seem to be intended as a party game and most party’s have more people. I guess players could play in teams or the boards could be placed in a copier and paper copies printed. The boards are quite basic with just a few lines and numbers so it would also be easy to just write the answers and scores on a piece of paper if more people wanted to play.

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