Nutty Putty 

I never understand why kids seem fascinated by squishy squashy stuff, be it slime or dough, my kids seem to love the soft stuff. 
Nutty Putty is shapeable, bendable putty, made from silicone. It’s totally safe for kids being non toxic and even gluten free. 
It comes as air clay and can even be baked.

Our air dry clay pack is really unusual as the clay comes white and colourless. It comes with special dye in little pots.

What we had to do was add a little dye to bits of pulled off clay, mound the clay and the dye will blend in and totally change the clay colour. 

There are only four small pots of dye, but if you use your imagination like Jordanna did, then it’s easy to create other colours, such as purple from red and blue. 
Once the clay is coloured, it can then be moulded into anything you wish. Izebella chose to create some mini monsters as it’s almost Halloween.

Our other kit is a crazy keyring bake set. With this one, the clay is shaped and then baked to set. We did find getting the key rings onto the creations really difficult, but still had fun making things like this. 

It’s squashy, squishy and totally mess free, even the dyes don’t stain hands. Visit Nutty putty to buy. 

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