Tiger Tribe Art & Craft Kits 

Tiger Tribe is an Australian based company selling toys and craft kits. The craft kits have lots of lovely themes and are keeping my girls very busy during this cold weather.

Our kits look like books from the outset but when opened up, they all look similar to this one. 

They are open up boxes complete with everything my girls need for that particular craft. 

The one shown here is one the “How to Draw” kits. It comes with a blank drawing pad, coloured pencils, rubber, sharpener and a little book which shows my girls how to easily draw.
This is Izebellas first attempt at a cherry, which she was quite proud of. 
Using step by step easy shapes and lines, it builds up into a full image.  

The Foil art kit was very exciting. This kit contained carded images of grand dresses, with sheets of coloured foils.

The white bits of the dresses are stickers which lift off. The foils then stuck onto the sticky part. 
Adding different colours with each sticker layer eventually gives a very shimmery and pretty result which can then be hung on walls or maybe made into a card. 

Izebella also loves her new Forest Fairy colouring set which contains a colouring pad full of fairy pictures ready to colour in, felt pens and fairy themed stickers. 

What I like about these kits from Tiger Tribe is Just how welll presented they are. Everything has its place, boxes with lids to keeps pens and accessories with pads or cards in the other section and all firmly secured to the main kit box. The kit box then folds up and can be stored on a book shelf as they are a similar size to books. Also they are all really decorative with colourful patterns on all the boxes. Very simple to use and can bring hours of enjoyment. 

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