Meet Molang, a soft squishy white rabbit based on the character from the online tv series of the same name. 
Molang is an adventurous rabbit yet shy and lives with his equally shy friend Piu Piu the chick. Together they go on many adventures together and wear many disguises and costumes.

Molang does look quite similar to those cute Japanese kawaii characters, similar to Hello Kitty too. I believe Molang actually originated in Korea as the word Molang translates to “I don’t know” in Korean. We have not watched any of the Molang episodes yet but they are available on You Tube.

Our Molang plush toy is incredibly soft and really squishy, almost like a big soft stress ball. It can be cuddled and squashed yet won’t lose its natural shape. 
Molang is good for children ages 3 and over. He doesn’t do much, in way of any interaction but it does make an awesome night time cuddle buddy. 
Molang comes to us via Tomy Toys and many of Molangs cuddly friends are also available and are seeking a loving home full of cuddles. 

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