Foodie tried and tested roundup

Recently we have been trying a few new foods and snack products; so! I thought I would start featuring a few. From now either every week, or every fortnight (depending on the amount of items) I’ll be listing a few foodie products that we have tried and liked.

And here is today’s list!

Popcorn Shed – It was hard to not get excited about bags of gourmet popcorn which is exactly what popcorn she’d have. The three mouth watering flavours being pecan pie, salted caramel and rich chocolate. Absolutely delicious as far a popcorn goes and well, not really the thing I would be happy sharing as it’s just so good.

SavourSmiths – I would describe these as posh flavoured crisps with rather unusual flavours of Wagyu beef with honey mustard and Truffle with Rosemary, these are certainly not the everyday bag of cheese and onion. The crisps are chunky and the flavouring is strong and rather rich. It’s a new brand and so only four flavours to choose from at the moment. Certainly makes a different snack experience. SavourSmiths UK 
Yazoo – I can see why both kids and adults alike love Yazoo milkshake. I like it too and more so just out of the fridge when it’s ice cold and first thing in the morning. The shakes got a shake up a while ago to include kid sized handy bottles which are also the “no added sugar variety”. They now come in chocolate, banana, strawberry and chocolate. Yazoo UK.  

Simple Bakes – A new flavoured savoury snack from Wellabys UK. Odd shaped pieces of flavoured crackers. Good for snacking on, dipping and great for kids lunch boxes too. They come in large 120g bags, I found them rather filling and would certainly struggle to get through a full bag myself. My favourite are the sweet chilli. Wellabys UK
Heinz spaghetti hoops – This one may seem a strange inclusion, considering that Heinz spaghetti has been around for years. The reason for including them is that the tins seem to have recently gone through a slight makeover and the hoops are now “no added sugar” and also (I’m told) one of our five a day (I’m guessing it’s the tomato sauce). Did you also know that Heinz spaghetti is packed full of good stuff too? , such as Vitamin D and Iron. Spaghetti hoops make an easy quick hot meal when time or money is limited. I loved spaghetti hoops on toast when younger and my kids eat it today too. The hoops can also be served as a side portion with a meal. Heinz UK 

And that sums up my foodie product round up for this week.

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