Staccups – cup stacking can be fun

If I told you I had a game which was all about stacking cups then most of you would think it was boring. I did too when I first heard about it, I mean what’s fun about piling cups together right!

Well it just so happens that this game can actually be lots of fun and bring lots of laughs.
It’s possibly one of the most basic games I have come across. No board, no dice, no batteries etc. The box contains 32 small cups and a plastic device which changes colours. It doesn’t even come with an instruction sheet as the instructions fit on the back of the box.
Gameplay – It’s easy just stack your cups before other players. Well maybe not quite as easy as it sounds. See these cups cause confusion. The cup has two colours, one main colour and a top colour. When stacking, the top colour of the last placed cup determines the next. The 32 cups get divided between up to four players. Each player arranges their cups in stacks and tries to match the main colour of one of their cups with the last top colour.
Confused? Well watch this and you’ll hopefully get the idea.

And that’s just with two of us playing. More players equals more frustration along with laughs as other players block you by placing their cup first and thus changing the playing colour.
There are a few other ways to play. It can even be played solo using a timer. It’s different every time and the winning player is the one who stacks all their cups correctly first.
This game has really surprised me as I really did not think it would be any good when I first heard the description. I can imagine it being a great hit on Christmas Day for all the family, especially so when the spirits start to flow.
It costs around £19.99, cheaper in some stores and released by University Games.

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