Treat Factory

Treat Factory is the place of childhood dreams. An absolute heaven for lovers of sweets and treats with an added retro look that will take you back to the times of sticky hands and faces. This amazing place is sure to put some smiles on faces small and large this Christmas.

Remember these?

Our very own pick n’ mix sweet shop in our own home. It comes with so many old style retro sweets, all of which get put into individual containers. It even comes with sweet bags and a sweet picker.

A selection of shaped lollies that remind me of big sugar dummies. We had the unicorn lollipop. I gave this to Izebella on her birthday and a week later she is still sucking on it.

Yes it’s sweet and sugary and not so healthy, but it’s a treat and not something I will be giving her all the time.

Izebella has an annoying habit of putting things in her mouth and chewing them, this includes small toys and pens/pencils. Well here are some pencils that she can munch on without me worrying too much.

Chewy candy pencils, in lots of yummy fruity flavours. Squishy and jelly like these went very quickly in this house.

Now everyone has heard or tried jelly bears. Those fruity little jelly sweets, shaped like little bears. Well I bet not everyone has seen a giant one like this.

This jelly bear is huge. It packs some weight too. My kids thought it was rather hilarious at how much this sweet weighed. Strawberry jelly on top with a white fluffy texture underneath.

He weighs a whopping 400g and is part of the “giant sweets” product selection. He certainly is not meant for one person to eat themselves (although many may try). He’s a tough cookie to cut too, knives won’t touch him, a pizza slicer is what’s required if the giant bear is to be shared. He’s not just big, he’s also very thick and juicy.

Treat factory products can be purchased online and from a variety of stores around the UK.

Treat factory UK

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