Halloween from Tangerine Confectionery

This Halloween, make sure your cupboards are well stocked up with sweets and treats for when those mini goblins and ghouls come calling.
Tangerine confectionery are the company behind many known sweet brands, such as wham bar, sherbet dip, fruit salads, sweet champion, black jack and Barrett’s to name Just a few. Most of which can be found in the local sweet shops or supermarkets. 

 These softies are a fairly new product which bring the real retro flavour of much loved fruit salads into a soft squashy sweet. 


There is a spooky bag full of Sweet champions bits and bats for the little monsters. This bag contains a devilish mixture of various lollipops, wham bars, refreshers and who knows other sticky sweet horrors lurk inside this pack! 

If your expecting multiple terrors to call all Halloween night or even hosting a terrifying party, then maybe one of these would be much better.

This Sweet Champions treat box is bursting at the seams with ghoulish sweet things. Sherbet and bars and even more big packets of sweeties!
Oh I do hope those pesky monsters brush their teeth at the end of the night! ? ?
Look out for sweet packs and boxes in supermarkets.

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