The mini Hornit

If a bike or scooter is on your young child’s Christmas list this year, then you may want to consider one of these as a stocking filler.

It’s called the Mini hornit and costs £14.99. There’s a few colour choices and it attaches to most bikes, scooters and probably a few other outdoor type toys.
Mini hornit has multiple functions. It acts as a bright safety light which can be set as still or flashing, the light can also be changed to a green funky flash light too. The best bit however are the many sounds that come from this device. There are 25 sounds in total, it’s fairly loud too so does get a little annoying if pressed constantly. These sounds include fire engine, magic carpet, fart, train, truck, animals and a fair few more.
And here’s a short demonstration. I said it was loud!

The mini hornit can be controlled by the buttons on its base or via a remote trigger that Izebella can hold whilst riding.
It is a fun novelty device which provides an element of safety via the lights. It also means parents know that their child is close as no one can mistake those noises.
I think this would be a great build up stocking filler gift for a child to open right before the big present of a bike or scooter.

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