My little pony: The movie magical princess twilight sparkle

Izebella loves my little pony, so she was absolutely over the moon to get the brand new magical princess twilight sparkle from Hasbro toys and Just weeks before Christmas too.

This is a big pony, the biggest one she’s had. It’s been released in line with the upcoming new My Little Pony movie which will be showing in UK cinemas from October 20th.
My little pony franchise is without a doubt aimed at little girls, and I don’t care what the pc squad say. It’s always been that way. My little pony has been around since I was little, but we never had anything quite like this toy.
Twilight sparkle is adorable with her big eyes and flashing unicorn. She has a long colourful main and tail, both of which can be brushed, plaited and styled. However It’s her interactive features that make her stand out so much.
She needs 4xC type batteries which invade your unsure are the ones smaller than those big bulky D batteries. Luckily I had an unopened pack of 4 in or I would have had one disappointed young lady.
When turned on, she instantly greets with her name and starts to babble a bit. She lifts her legs, moves her head and neck in a slightly contorted way and flaps her wings. Her unicorn also flashes on and off.
The little crown she comes with is an optional accessory, it doesn’t always stay on.
Our little video will show her in action.
Yes she tends to waffle on with herself for a while. She has 90 or so different phrases and a few different modes where she will sing, move, flap wings, tell stories or just talk forever. With each mode (via button press) she will be moving part of her body. When her wings flap she will ask to fly. Little girls like Izebella will love to lift her up and imagine her flying off to Equestaria.
 I have no doubt that this new Magical princess Twilight Sparkle will be on the Christmas lists of many little girls this Christmas. I also have a feeling that many little girls may be disappointed as its likely that Santa may just run out of these special ponies. Yes I think they may be one of the most wanted toys this year.
Here’s the few negatives – first the pony does not walk. It moves its legs and wings but for the price I would perhaps have expected slightly more.
Secondly the price – Stores and shops obviously differ slightly in price, but for instance; Argos are selling this for a whopping £119.99. To me this is just too expensive for one toy. I think a more ideal price for a toy like this would be half this price or perhaps slightly more.
And finally she does not come with any accessories apart from her crown. An outfit or maybe an interactive accessory such as food or a bottle etc would have reflected the price a little better.
However despite the cost of this toy, it has made one little princesses day, totally magical as Izebella now has a new best friend.

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