Beautiful puzzles from Crocodile Creek 

Izebella loves doing jigsaws and puzzles and she’s really good and fast at doing them. She also loves anything considered girly, think fairies, castles, unicorns etc. So imagine her delight when she got a box of puzzles with many of her favourite themes on them.
Her new puzzles come from Crocodile Creek who are American based. They sell many unusual puzzles, games and toys and a large range of their items are available via Amazon.
What makes these puzzles stand out the most I think, is the boxes they come in. Just look how pretty this one is.

This one immediately caught my eye. It is a 36 piece floor puzzle with large puzzle pieces. Izebella found it quite easy but she loves the image so makes it over and over again. It is called the “Flower Princess” and retails around £10.00.

Equally as pretty is the Ballerina puzzle. Again the box stands out immediately. It isn’t the standard square or recatangle puzzle box and the colours are just so bold. The puzzles look almost vintage or retro. 

Finally a very special box, combining a princess puzzle and pop out playset with figures and a tower.
It’s the box upon a time princess palace set.  

This is just adorable as it’s so much more than just doing a jigsaw, and again Just look at the lovely (and very strong) box. This is not one of those puzzle boxes that will fall apart after a few weeks. 
All these figures are waiting inside to be played with, along with a castle tower. When finished playing it can all easily be stored back in the box. This costs slightly more than the floor puzzles above but little girls who love princesses will love this.

These puzzles were sent to us via Bertoy.

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