Natural salt lamps 

I now own one of these awesome and very natural salt lamps. 

This lamp comes from Himasal UK who mainly sell their products to trade rather than directly but their items can be purchased in many places.
Salt lamps have actually been around for years but have only recently started appearing in shops and stores for consumers to purchase. I believe many people will soon be wanting one of these in their home, as they certainly make an interesting feature.
These lamps are made with Himalayan rock sal, if you happen to put a finger in your mouth after touching the lamp then it will taste of salt. Obviously the salt itself does not light up, a hole is made in the bottom of the lamp to allow for insertion of a plug in light and base. 

It gives a lovely pinkish soft glow, a bit like a Christmas lantern. It’s really pretty. But as well as being a stunning feature, these lamps even come with some health benefits.

“Salt Lamps clean the air around them using a natural water-absorption process called hygroscopy. Our Himalayan salt pulls in moisture from the air, absorbing dust particles and pollutants with it. The heated bulb then gently warms the salt, releasing the water, but keeping the harmful irritants.”

This process can help with many health problems such as allergies and inability to sleep properly. It can also help with low mood and especially so SAD.
I was so surprised with Just how little these extremely pretty lamps cost. I was thinking in the hundreds but they are actually really cheap. The price goes off the lamp size and weight as they are all different.

Salt lamps can be shaped and carved into all sorts of shapes and sizes. I do love the natural lamp shapes the best. One thing I did not anticipate about my lamp was the weight of it. It is just so heavy and they come much bigger and heavier than mine too. I did struggle to carry mine to its chosen location, and would not want this to fall on my feet. 

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