Tomy Screwball Scramble

Oh just WOW! I could hardly believe my eyes when I spotted this game. It is one of my childhood favourites, before the era of video games and a time when mobile phones were totally unheard of.
This is Screwball scramble from Tomy toys . I had it as a child and it hasn’t really changed much at all.

In fact, apart from the odd colour change here and there, they are pretty much identical. However I am sure I recall having to manually assemble the old one where as the new one comes ready assembled, only needing the timer slotting in.

The game is played with silver metal balls. Only two come in the box, and I have a feeling these will be lost within a few weeks in this house but they seem easy enough to buy elsewhere.
The game is easy, it’s a solo play game, meaning one player at a time. Each player needs to complete the scramble maze before the timer runs out. It’s not easy, I have not mastered it myself yet, despite being masterclass when younger. It takes a lot of practice and a bit of frustration to master it in time.

The way to play is by pressing or turning the various buttons which each one correspond to one of the many obstacles. The player flip, roll and bounce the ball along each obstacle before finally getting to the end and hitting the finish bell, and all before the timer runs out.
If you also played this game way back in the 1980s then you will probably also want to rush out and buy it for your own children too. Prices start from Β£15.00 from The Entertainer, Smyths, Toys r Us, Amazon and other toy stores. Ages 5 and over.

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