Elves behavin' badly

Little do my three imps know, but the elves have already made an early and very sneaky appearance in this house. In fact they have been creeping around daily, up to all sorts of mischief, stealing biscuits, moving things etc. However today they was not so clever because look what I caught on camera.

Look at them, looking like butter wouldn’t melt, very mischievous faces. 

The elves have actually been sent here by Santa Clause for one particular reason. That reason is to be Santas eyes and ears and keep a check on the three imps who live here. It is a little too early for them to show themselves to children just yet, but they are good at hiding and are always watching. Ready to report back to Santa to say who’s been naughty and nice.  
 The elves come in many forms, shapes, sizes, soft, tough, bendable, hangable etc and yes they sit on shelves too.

hmm now what’s he up to?
And they just had to bring their sleigh too didn’t they! Lots of naughty play in this thing. 
And yes of course it makes a beautiful Christmas ornament, that’s if the elves keep still long enough.  
Or maybe not! 

Now these elves have their own elf language but unfortunately us humans cannot hear it. It’s a special language and voice that only elves and fairies can hear. Therefore the elves need another way to communicate with us humans. And so they bought this with them! 
Did I mention they are also very clever??

Oh dear. I’m not sure who elf means here, but it looks like someone is not in Santas good list this time round, Oops! 
Well maybe if we create a new elf and make it come to life with this little kit, the elves may just change their minds about the naughty list. 

And it seems one of our elves boug their little elf baby along too. Baby elf is so cute. 

Well it seems our new Elf family is here to stay, at least until Christmas Eve. They will be making a full appearance around the end of November and will be scattered around our home, moving around daily and watching us all like hawks. 
The Elves behavin’ badly magic is well and truly here.

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