Hawkin's Bazaar: Heliballl

With Christmas being just over 2 months off. I thought I’d best start getting some Christmas gift ideas out there for everyone to see. Of course I’ll only be included our favourite “tried and tested” products.
Our first product is possibly one one for the big boys, tho it will be enjoyed by anyone.
Heliball comes to us from my favourite gift store –Β Hawkin’s Bazaar.

Heliball falls between a half built toy helicopter and a disco ball. It’s a shiny ball with propellers along with a trigger remote control. Without batteries it doesn’t look like anything interesting and feels rather light and flimsy. Add four AAA batteries and it changes into a fast flying crazy ball with disco lights.

Control it with your hand or with the trigger, it looks very pretty when all lit up and hovering round but it does take a bit of getting used to.
Heliball can be pretty rapid and fast, if not careful it can catch fingers and it will crash. It’s best flying Heliball away from anything valuable and away from little heads and hair too.
For those more used to flying drones and other sensor controlled gadgets, this will be an easy gadget to fly.
And here we go with our Heliball in motion. As Ryan kindly offered to demonstrate.

The trigger is extremely sensitive too. Even a slight touch will make the ball move.
Heliball is fairly small and is best used inside or in a secure garden as it moves fast and so could very easily end up lost.
It costs Β£19.99 to buy. A unique gift for teens, older children and big boys. However I do think if a child got this as a gift then Dad would be the one playing with it the most.
Hawkins bazaar Heliball


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