Happy Halloween with Snazaroo! ?

It’s October once again, and that means a couple of things for me. First and most importantly Izebella turns a big five on October 5th, secondly it’s about to get a whole lot colder and my heating bill will start to rise and then of course, right at the end it’s Halloween!

Yes love it or hate it, Halloween is once again almost upon us. A time for the ghosts and goblins to come out in hoards, bang on our doors and expect sweets and treats, and I won’t even start on those dreaded clowns who think they are a reincarnation of Pennywise.
Anyway no Halloween would be complete without spooky products, costumes, sweets and more. Yes it’s all getting too commercialised, my dear gran would no doubt say if she was still around; but it’s once a year and it’s lots of fun.
To kick off my Halloween posts, I have Snazaroo face paints.

Snazaroo are now a really well known brand for this type of product. These mini kits come in really useful for Halloween as they have all the colours needed for a certain spooky character, the image on the packs. Therefore no wasted colours and no big box.
So we have the vampire face and spooky purple spider. We all had a go at painting faces, it’s not really something I do often and to be honest I am a bit rubbish at it. It’s a whole different ball game to applying make up.
I guess practice makes perfect but it was my first attempt. Jordanna practiced on her friend too.
This is probably a much better attempt than mine. 
 The face paints blend in well and none of the children had any sort of reaction despite Jordanna having fairly sensitive skin. 
The packs come with brushes and sponges which help with blending and it all washes off easily with soap and water or even baby wipes.
Head over to Snazaroo to view a whole load of Halloween themed face paints and accessories! ??☠️??

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