JYSK "Feel the Happiness" Campaign

JYSK is celebrating its 2,500th store internationally. To mark the occasion, the Scandinavian furniture retail store group that sells everything for the home aims to find out what makes us happy at home. I’m going to be reviewing some of the Danish home expert’s Scandi-vibe items as part of its ‘Feel the Happiness’ campaign and have partnered JYSK with a great competition for you too.

You’ll find JYSK in 48 countries with 15 stores in the UK and sells online at www.JYSK.co.uk. From furniture including bed frames, wardrobes, mattresses and sofas to soft furnishings like cushions and decorative accessories – a whole house can easily be furnished with JYSK.

JYSK is expert in HYGGE – “the Scandi art of making your home make you happy”. HYGGE (pronounced Hugar) focuses on cosiness, comfort and making time and space for relaxation and interaction with friends and family.

JYSK has one main question for this campaign; so I’ll be asking you to enter the competition and share….
“What makes you happy at home?”

JYSK’s aim is to arrive at the top 25 things that people love, that make them happy, at home. By this they mean the little HYGGE type things such as throws, a comfy mattress, a nice chair or cheerful cushions rather than the big things such as family, pets and love.

I am of course taking part in this campaign along with a select few bloggers across the UK. The campaign will involve me featuring several JYSK products and even attempting to assemble the odd few (that should be fun to watch!). And the best bit for all my lovely readers and followers –is that amazing competition which will start Monday October 2nd!
I don’t want to give too much away but this will be for a JYSK furniture product and may just be my largest giveaway so far.
Yes it’s all very exciting and I cannot wait to see the JYSK range in my own home.
With a link to JYSK ‘LET’S CELEBRATE’ 2,500 store video.

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