STRIVE! Comfortable seasonal footwear 

Last season – Summer (or at least what we had of it) I reviewed a lovely comfortable pair of sandals from Strive footwear. Those sandals have been worn many times, unfortunately the poor sandals now have to go away to the land of shoe box for a few months as the awful colder weather and Autumn creeps in. 
Lucky for me,  a new pair of Strive shoes arrived to take their place. This time it’s a pair of Bamford boots. What lady doesn’t love her boots at this time of year? And especially so on a frosty morning when we have to leave for the school run or work. Us ladies and busy mums need a comfortable pair of boots in the colder weather to keep our feet warm and dry.

A real benefit of wearing Strive footwear is the instant comfort in my feet. Usually a new pair of shoes or boots takes a real toll on my sensitive feet and I end up enduring a week or two of aches and blisters whilst I get used to them. But not with Strive shoes. 

Strive footwear is made using special technologies that make the usual flat footbed contour to actual dimensions of the feet. This reduces the stress and improves foot posture meaning less aches and soreness.

The boots each have two zips either side, and are very easy to slip on and off. They are a really simple boot design without heel. They keep my feet dry in the rain and warm enough when it’s cold. 
I can wear them with pants, jeans, or a winter dress and tights. Black is one of two colour options, the other being charcoal grey. I think black goes with pretty much anything but the grey probably would too.

The boots cost £94.95 and are sold directly via the Strive website. This is quite a fair amount to shell out for one pair of boots, but if you do buy them then you certainly won’t regret paying that much as they really do provide maximum comfort. 

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