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I’m giving More Vits drinks another mention today, one of the reasons being is that many schools seem to be getting tough on the contents of children’s packed lunch bags. This is understandable with the increasing obesity and dental problems in young children recently. One of the main causes of dental cavities, fillings and extractions in young children is sugary drinks which also contributes to early years obesity.
I rarely let my children have drinks such as Coca Cola, only as a treat every now and again. I tend to buy the no added sugar juices. Obviously it would be amazing if they stuck to just water and milk but that’s just not going to happen. 
The More Vits drinks are a healthier choice. They are sugar free and it’s just flavoured spring water at just the right level of  sweetness. 

Not only that but each drink contains different vitamins which our bodies need. The red bottle for kids , as an example is full of vitamin D which supports bone growth. Each colour is a different flavour and contains different vitamins. More information about the vitamins can be found on the website – Get More Vits.
The drinks are made for both adults and children, both fizzy and still varieties and come in small and large bottle sizes. The drinks can be purchased from most large supermarkets as single bottles and multipacks. These will be fine for school packed lunch bags too and they also make a much healthier refreshing alternative to people like myself who drink too much unhealthy fizzy stuff.

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