Taste inc chargrilled chicken fillet snacks

If the kids are getting fed up of the same old sarnies in their school lunch box or perhaps you’re wanting something new for work lunches , then taste inc have come up with a very tasty alternative for those who love their chicken.

These are chargrilled chicken fillets in both original and spicy varieties. Each one is a real fillet of chicken which has been chargrilled and slightly flavoured to give a tasty chilled snack. The chicken is ready cooked and ready to eat. They can be warmed up too if you prefer, a minute or so in the microwave should be okay.

They come in handy fridge filler packs ready to simply tear off and pop in a lunch box or just eat. They can be eaten alone like straight out of the pack as a snack or even put on sandwiches or in salads etc.

These are so full of delicious flavour, the chicken seems to be cooked to perfection so it’s hard to just eat one without wanting another one straight away.
These can be purchased in fridge packs in most supermarkets.

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