Zycom Zinger Scooter 

Nothing beats playing outside when you’re a child. Children just don’t seem to mind the weather like us adults do and will happily play out come rain or shine, warm or cold. 
Izebella loves being outside and playing with outdoor toys such as prams, bikes and scooters. We are already familiar with Skates UK having already featured a few of their products. This time it’s Izebellas turn for a new scooter.

This is the Zycom Zinger 3 wheel cruiser

It seems to be a stage up from the basic beginners scooters and is suitable for children 5 years and over.
 Izebella will be 5 very soon.  

 Ours arrived ready assembled, which is always a bonus for me as I’m hopeless putting things like this up. The instructions are really minimal, the scooter comes folded and to unfold I had to pull the bottom tube and twist it.

Now this may sound easy but it took me a good few minutes to work it out and release the catch. I had to pull quite hard, but this may be because it’s new and takes a bit of getting used to.
One of the reasons I chose this particular scooter is for the fact that it folds down. This is useful as it saves on space and when folded it can just be put in the cupboard or shed with the rest of the toys. 


It’s quite a simple design, very similar to other 3 wheel scooters. This one feels much sturdier than others that we have had. It’s also a lovely bright colour. (More colour options available)  

 It has a wide deck with a grip pattern to ensure feet are locked into position when riding. It helps to stop feet sliding off and there’s lots of room for both feet on. 

The smaller back wheel is wider than normal which helps Izebella balance better. The handlebars can be adjusted to three height positions, thus again is by a pull and twist tube located just under the handlebars. Then at the back wheel of the scooter is a flex brake for a smoother stop.

Obviously Izebella was very happy with her new scooter, what girl wouldn’t be with its bright pink and purple colours. She currently has the handlebars on the lowest height as she is at the very younger age recommendation for this product. 

She is more than able to ride about on it, up and down our street without help and no accidents on this so far. 
It’s not a large scooter, especially not when folded. This means that it’s perfect for traveling with too, taking away on holiday or just putting in the car/on bus for a day out. It’s not heavy either.  

 Skates UK sell this scooter for £59.99. It’s also sold at Smyths and on Amazon for the same price and comes with a choice of different colours.  If you buy from Skates UK you also get a free bonus scooter pack worth £15.00.

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