Zomlings have landed 

Zomlings are invading homes and playgrounds everywhere. Now in series six with over 100 characters per series. They are a collectible craze similar to shopkins but more strange 

Zomlings are a collecton of miniature monsters and aliens. Some of them come with veichles or bizarre looking homes. 

This thing resembles something from Dr Who.
They all have strange names too – Astro, Funtop, Parroski, Trump to name a few. Series six Is the Zomlings of the future, and themes around space, aliens and future technology.
 Like many other collectible figures, each series of Zomlings gets split into categories for collecton. These categories include Ultra rare and Limited edition zomlings which will be harder to find as there are less of them. I have no idea whether or not they will be worth anything in years to come. 

This handy collection chart forms part of the Zomlings of the Future space map. It has lots of useful info on it for collectors. 

The zomlings can be purchased in Blister packs like these! 

Each pack here contains 3/4 zomlings figures, Zom mobiles or cars and other small accessories. These cost between £10-£14 each pack. 

 And for a surprise, there are the blind packs.
The blind bags come in two different sizes. The smaller contains one zomlings figure and the larger one zomling plus a Zom-moble. The blue tub has two zomlings inside. Being sealed means you won’t know what’s inside until it’s opened.
The blind bags start very cheaply, Asda sells the small ones for just 57p each. 
Zomlings are available at many toy stores, supermarkets and on Amazon. 

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