Dragons Green book review 

Dragon’s Green is the first book in a thrilling magical new series, The Worldquake Sequence by bestselling Scarlett Thomas and it’s out in paperback in September. It’s sold really well so far and has had rave reviews from across the press, likening it to the work of J. K. Rowling, as well as from the people that really matter – kids! It’s for 8-12 year olds and its main character, Effie Truelove knows all about magic, time in her grandfather’s library has made sure of that. But there’s still much she has to learn. About the Otherworld. And about the Diberi, a secret organisation with plans to destroy the entire universe. Effie and her school-friends are the only ones who can stop them . . . and time is running out. 

This is Dragon’s Green by author Scarlett Thomas. 

A book which Jordanna is presently reading at home. It’s full of Magix and adventure. The main character Effie Truelove promises to keep her grandfathers magical books safe as well as defending the universe with her friends from a terrifying secret organisation known as Diberi.
The book is aimed at children ages 9-12 years. It is a fairly long read being just under 350 pages so it’s more than fine for children over 12 too and even adults who like their magic adventures.  There are no images or sketches in the book, it’s just text so it’s down to the reader to use their imagination with this one. 

It’s a magical enchanted adventure that’s full of surprises throughout. 
Available as both paperback £7.99 and Ebook £6.39 from book stores and Amazon. 

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