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I cannot skate to save my life. My balance is rollerskates is hopeless. My ten year old daughter can skate a little and is getting better with practice. She has been asking for a pair of Heelys for some time now as she thought they would be easier than regular skates and thinks they look better too. Well I think she’s right on that part. Just look how pretty these are!

These are perfect for my little diva, pink, shiny, sparkly and so cool. 
Heelys combine a trainer/sneaker shoe with a skate. These Heelys come from Skates UK. They have lots of other styles to choose from to suit both boys and girls and adults too. These are the pair that really jumped out for us.
Heelys arrive like normal trainers, in a shoe box and without the wheels.

In the box are two wheels and a metal wheel tool. Fitting the wheels is easy peasy, even for someone like myself. The black cover just pops off. The wheels go in, and then just pushed into place until secure. 

The wheels can be just as easily removed again and the Heelys changed from shoe to skate as the user pleases.


As for learning to use Heelys, well I have not used them myself, but like anything else it takes time, practice and a few accidents to get the hang of them. Heelys are different to rollerskates and rollerboots. Jordanna is still getting used to using hers. She has to start by lifting her toes and rocking back slightly on the heel of one foot and push off with the toes on the other foot.

It is important not to go too fast and also recommend to wear a helmet and protective pads to lessen any injuries which are bound to happen whilst practicing. 
There is lots of useful information online on how to use Heelys correctly. 

They do seem a little easier than rollerboots and are also much lighter on the leg and foot meaning less strain on the joints. They look so comfortable too and keep feet warm just as a comfy pair of trainers would. I love this style and colour that much that I wouldn’t mind a pair myself, not too sure if I’d beable to learn to skate in them tho. 

Heelys differ in price because they come in all different styles and sizes at Skates UK. This pair costs Β£59.95. 
A brilliant idea for Christmas if a child likes skating or wants to start skating, just imagine their face if they unwrapped these on Christmas Day.  
Skates UK also sell stunt scooters, skateboards, ice skates, inline skates, balance boards, rollerskates, safety equipment and many other items to take care of all your skating needs.

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