Luna Petunia talking doll

Luna Petunia is the star of her own Tv show on Netflix. 
Luna Petunia lives in the real world but can magically transport to the land of Amazia. Amazia being a fantastic colourful place where anything can happen. 

 The show is created by Saban and Cirque de Soliel Jnr and aimed at pre-schoolers and younger children. With the series comes the Master toy range created by Funrise toys and consisting of collectable figures, play sets, soft toys and dolls. This toy range is exclusive to Smyths toy stores. 
This doll is one of the most recently added toys to the range. 

She stands at 35cms which is on the large size in comparison to other dolls. She has bright blue hair ready for styling and moveable, poseable limbs and body. Those big eyes of hers are adorable we think.

Her talking function is activated by pressing her necklace. She says lots of phrases such as “hi my name is Luna Petunia” and “stop, breathe, think” which I believe may be a famous saying of hers on the Tv show (I have only seen it briefly!).  

And a bonus – the batteries come included and ready inserted. She needs 3xAG13 batteries to talk! Yes I had to google the batteries too, it turns out they are a type of those awful button batteries so I’m glad the batteries were already in. 

This Luna Petunia doll looks like a modern day fairy with her crazy blue hair, pink snazzy boots and a petal skirt. A perfect new friend for anyone aged 3 and over. She costs Β£24.99 at the magical 

Smyths toy stores

For all the little Luna Petunia fans, Smyths will be hosting many Luna Petunia costume visits in selected  stores during the October half term. The details will be appearing on the Smyths website soon. 


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