Experimake from the Entertainer 

Nickelodeon Experimake science kits by Addo brand are on sale at the Entertainer toy stores and online. They are part of the Entertainers #backtoschool toys and there is lots of choice. Kids can make their own perfumes, soaps  or lipsticks. For something a little more gross there is sludge and slime. Or they can learn the wonders of water and even make sweets. For the braver parents there is a kitchen experiments kit and explosions and eruptions. So much choice for young scientists.  

 We have a colourful crystal growing kit. This kit and all the others in the range are currently on sale for just £10 each.

Okay so the box is slightly misleading I think. We won’t get crystals looking like those pretty big ones pictured all over it, but we can get smaller crystals if the instructions are followed. – Think about it; your not going to get big shiny expensive crystals from a £10 set are you?  

 The main thing I do like about this particular set compared to the many science sets we have had previously; is that we don’t need to go out and purchase anything extra.  Many other kits ask for other items which I don’t think is right when your paying out for a kit to do the experiments anyway.

All my son (the main scientist) found he needed was water and the odd beaker or extra bowl etc. 
Now this set contains a fair few different chemicals and crystal making ingredients so obviously it needs to be kept out of the way of my curious 4 year old. I don’t think anything in this is particularly dangerous or lethal as they are suitable for 8 years plus: but it can get messy.


Yes that is green dye all over the wall and door. It’s a good job I had that old tray to put it all on or it would be everywhere. I guess the mess is half the fun of science experiments. 
The crystals do take a while to form, a few days for small ones and longer for something a bit more spectacular. We have to let them grow and set and just wait.
They are quite delicate things too once set and can easily be broken. 
These kits certainly pass a good few hours when kids are bored, no matter what the end result turns out to look like. 

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