Culti Odarosae room spray 

Imagine a room spray that leaves a room smelling like actual flowers or perfume? Well this is it!

This room spray by Culti can be purchased from Rooi who also sell scented candles and many homeware accessories. 
It is a glass bottle spray as opposed to an aerosol and it comes in a gift box too.
The aromas are very much rose and not the cheap rose scent that other sprays give, but more like the real rose oil which can be quite expensive to buy. There is also a slight fruity aroma with the rose, possibly blackberry but I’m not too sure. Anyway a couple of sprays of this stuff leaves all my rooms smelling of roses. It hides any nasty smells really well as it’s really strong. The scents also last longer than other room sprays and air fresheners and despite using it daily, the bottle is still almost full so I know this will last for quite a while. 
 It costs £34.00 for a 100ml glass bottle. This is much more than what I’d normally pay out for this type of product but obviously it’s 10-20 times better than the cheaper stuff, stronger aromas and lasts longer too. 
It would make a nice gift also for the ladies who love their scented products. 

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