Famous for its green bottles and fresh natural flavour, it would seem that Perrier sparkling water has had a bit of a relaunch with new flavours and new plastic bottles. 

Perrier water is sourced from the  Vergeze spring in France. The spring is naturally carbonated. Both the water and natural carbon dioxide gas are collected separately. The water is then purified. During the bottling process; carbon dioxide gas is re-added so that the level of carbonation in bottled Perrier matches that of the VergΓ¨ze spring.
Perrier flavours are all natural. The lemon flavours being the original flavours and the ones I remember drinking a few years back on a regular basis. I loved the stuff. Over the years a few new flavours have been introduced to Perrier bottles around the world. Not all of them are available yet in the UK, but the Green Apple Perrier is. 
Perrier drinks are all sugar free, containing only natural flavouring, extremely low calorie content and naturally occurring carbonated spring waters. 
The bubbles are lovely, the drinks when chilled are very refreshing and it’s a lovely healthy alternative to the silly amounts of Coca Cola and other fizzy drinks that I often find myself craving daily. 
The Perrier UK website has lots of informative information on how the drinks are made and the Perrier history. The drinks can be purchased in supermarkets and many shops. Perrier is also sold in cans and original glass bottles. 

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