Desenio artwork

My walls have many family photographs and memories but were certainly lacking in a bit of Wall art until that is; Desenio came along. 
Desenio sell poster artwork and prints. There are hundreds of posters to choose from in many categories including a few for children. Each one of the posters comes with various size options from small to very large. They all come on quality thick paper and frames are available to purchase separately.
I was provided with a voucher and chose a wide selection of posters in different sizes. They arrived in a large tube all folded inside each other. I have far too many of the posters to show them all but here is a small few which are not yet up on the walls. 

Both the pink robot and the dancer under water will be going in my girls room and the broken doll picture probably in my room or my hallway. The robot one is one of the smaller pictures measuring 21x30cms and the other 2 being medium sizes at 30x40cms.
I have managed to hang a few up such as this “Breathe” picture. 
The black mount is also from Desenio. This picture shows a foggy mountain scene and has txt and really stood out for me. I have placed it on my kitchen door as a reminder that all is okay even if it feels like I haven’t done that much.
This next one is more of a fun family type print and has already attracted much attention from visiting friends. These words say it all for our house. 

Finally my overall favourite from my whole collection takes its pride of place in my living room. 
It’s “The girl with balloon” Banksy art. This is one of those images that I have been after for a while. I have seen it before and when I spotted it on Desenio I just had to have it on my wall too. I’m not even sure why I like it so much but I really do. I got this in a large size of 50x70cms so it’s pretty big. The frame I got seperate off eBay for a good price. As you can imagine, frames this big aren’t easy to find and don’t come cheap. Desenio does sell picture frames in all sizes for its posters and also cardboard mounts.
I have a few more posters yet to sort out and decide where they are going and buy frames if need be. I think the hardest part is gettting them onto a wall as some of them do cost a lot and the last thing I wanted to do was ruin them with tape or pins. 

As the posters are all different sizes and images, they do vary in price but I think there is certainly something for everyone at Desenio art the home of Scandinavian posters.

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