Grit atom stunt scooter

A few weeks ago, Ryan was sent a new stunt scooter from He’s had various scooters and bikes previously but stunt scooters are exactly how their name implies. Designed for stunts and jumps and the sort of thing you see at specially built skate parks. Stunt scootering is not something he’s tried before and he’s not so good on a skateboard but much better on one of these. 

This is one of the Grit atom stunt scooters which cost just under Β£60. The Grit atom is designed to be a beginner scooter for those who are new to stunts. 
The scooter needed minimal assembly from the box. Ryan just needed to attach the handle bars which he found very east to do and then he was off on it straight away. 

The scooter is fairly light, weighing just 3.3kg. It’s also fairly small but I’m assuming these sort of scooters have to be if riders are jumping with them and spinning them in the air. I do think that many parents may open the box and think it’s too little or young for their child. I’m not too sure if Ryan will ever get to the stage where he’s flipping the scooter in the air,  but here’s a quick video of him attempting a short jump.

This video was taken the day he got the scooter and he now has a helmet which is necessary as accidents easily happen on stunt scooters. 

Although very light and small, it’s extremely tough, it easily takes my weight although I probably don’t weigh that much more than my son. It can certainly withstand a lot of knocks and crashes without falling to bits. 
They come in a few colour choices and can be purchased directly from Skates UK. 

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