Snack time!

Here are a few treats we have been trying out over the past few weeks.
Crabtree & Evelyn – All butter rose & white chocolate biscuits.
Crabtree & Evelyn are more well known for their luxurious beauty and bathing products. I had no idea that they even had a food range before getting these to try. I would describe the biscuit as a cookie, and a posh one too as these certainly do not come cheap. They cost Β£5.00 per tin but I guess the tin is reusable at least. They do sell many other varieties of the biscuit tins but this unique rose flavour is a limited edition tin. The biscuits are great, they actually taste like freshly home baked cookies rather than something that’s been sat on a shelf for ages. Very creamy, good enough for dunking and they really do taste of rose which is unusual. They don’t taste at all like Turkish delight which is a good thing as I don’t like the stuff but yes a good treat overall. 

Kind snacks bars

I’m always up for trying new foods but always a little wary with these sort of bars . Mainly because I have had a few of them which come packed with dates, currants or figs, none of which I particularly enjoy. Anyway Kind bars did not disappoint at all, not a single one of the eight varieties. Some of them come coated in chocolate. All of them contain nuts, so not great if your allergic but luckily I’m not. Many of them do contain fruit but it seems to be cranberries, cherries, and coconut which I don’t mind at all.
My children also enjoyed them, which meant bad luck for me as I had to share them; but they are called “Kind snacks” after all. 

Yes it milkshake from our favourite brand Yazoo. These bottle packs have no added sugar and they are great for packed lunches and general snacking. We received a fair few bottles which also come with straws. Banana, strawberry and toffee and if I had to choose a favourite then banana wins.

And of course they aren’t all meant for me!



These arrived at the same time as the Yazoo shakes so double treats for us all. Optiwell are delicious healthy yoghurt drinks. Currently in two flavours – strawberry & raspberry and Apricot & peach. All in individual bottles. Great for breakfast or taking one to the gym.


We do love our treats in this house!


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