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Bear-foot is all about feet and shoes, children’s feet in particular that is. They are based in Chorley and are a growing family business. 
They have stock some  really cute shoes and boots for kids and one of their brands are Bogs. These originate from North America and have nothing to do with swamps or toilets despite the rather humorous name. 
Bogs are boots and come as both “baby bogs” and bogs for older kids and even ladies sizes. They come in a variety of patterns and styles and luckily for Izebella; being a size 9.5 feet meant that she was able to still fit the Baby bog six’s which go up to a size 9.5.
This is Izebellas pair which is the owl pink design.

The boots are fully waterproof, obviously up to the holes only and yes Izebella has given them a thorough testing in our lovely wet British weather, she enjoys splashing in “muddy puddles” like a certain pig off television. 

As well as being waterproof they are also really comfortable on, and that’s not come from me as they don’t fit my feet. Izebella tells me they are the most comfy boots ever and they are warm and fluffy inside and believe me if she didn’t like them, she would say so.

As for the fitting; the 9.5 size fits really well, she does have growing room inside them so perhaps they are a tiny bit on the big side but she is more than able to run around with them on and they don’t fall off. They also seem to stay fairly clean too no matter where she takes them so we are both happy with the Bogs boots.
And if you wondering; has Izebella actually been out in them? Well yes she certainly has been puddle splashing! 

And judging by the weather from previous years of our British Summers I do think she will get plenty of use and wear out of these. Therefore well worth the Β£44.95 cost and they look so cute too.
Visit Bear-foot to buy and view more styles. Their customer service is spot on too. 


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