Trying Thai snacks 

As many of my loyal followers may know, I do love trying snacks and foods from around the world and the more unusual, the better.
Today it’s the turn of Thai snacks online and yes that’s right it’s snacks all the way from Thailand.
Thai snacks on line is not a subscription service as such (like I’ve had previously) but more an online store which ships worldwide giving a taste of Thailand to everyone.
We; very kindly got a box of Thai snacks to try out, and believe me some of them are very unusual.

I was expecting the products to be similar to Japan snacks, but they are a totally different thing altogether. I mean (for a start) “corn flavour chewy sweets” where else in the world can one find stuff like this?

Actually the corn sweets were quite alright, strange and quite bizarre yes, but they really don’t taste like corn at all. More sweet and buttery and chewy.
The strangeness and large diversity of products did not end there, amongst my box full of goodies I also discovered some rather perculiar crisp type snacks too. 

These being squid flavour! Yes squid, they didn’t tantalise my tastebuds at all but Jordanna enjoyed them – strange child!
The mini chocolate bars went down well of course, they did have a totally different taste texture to what we are used to which I can’t explain but nice anyway. The pocky is the one thing we have come across before, think sweet sticks coated in chocolate. Most countries seem to do there own varieties of Pocky sticks. Also these chocolate type snack things went down well too. 

Well Thai snacks are certainly unusual, some great, some good, some not so good. They aren’t sold over here that I know of so it’s always a surprise to be tasting new snacks whether good or bad. Yes it’s funny when friends/family try something unusual that just doesn’t mix with their tastebuds.
I have of course enjoyed trying all our snacks straight from Thailand.
Thai snacks online allows you to choose your own products and have a few grocery categories to choose from. Prices are in dollars but they do ship to the UK. 

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