My Fairy Garden – magic beanpot

The fairies have returned to our home once again and dropped off a magical little gift for my young fairy in training (Izebella). 

It’s a very special fairy “magic bean pot” which comes with a special pot and magic beans, just like in the fairytale Jack and the beanstalk. Leaving one fairy in training very happy indeed. 

“So what do we do?” Asked fairy Izebella! Well, came mummy fairy’s reply! We have to plant the magic beans inside the magic pot and water it and wait for it to grow. 

Our Fairy garden gift lacked one magic ingredient and that is the soil (not included in box) to help the beans grow. Not to worry tho as Mummy had plenty of magic soil kept locked away in the garden shed. So in the tiny pot, the magic soil went, along with a bean and a little water, and then the final thing – A magical little fairy to keep guard against the pesky trolls and plant eating monsters. 

She sits on the magic bean pot Day and night keeping guard. 
Of course magic beans need taking care of to grow into magic beanstalks. They need water and warmth and light  and unfortunately Bolton does not have much warmth and the moment, so the magic bean pot currently lives in our warm magic cupboard (boiler cupboard) with the fairy guard. 
It’s only been just over a week since the magic bean got planted and Izebella keeps asking when it will grow into a giant beanstalk, so I tell her that it takes time and the fairys are working hard with magic dust to make it grow and one day it may just be a beanstalk like the fairy story. Then she will no doubt ask if it leads to the giants.
Our lovely magic bean pot is much smaller than Mummy fairy thought but perfect for a  little fairy in training. It was sent to us by magic fairy post, all the way from My Fairy Garden land far away where lots of other fairies and fairy homes and products can be found. However the fairys have also delivered many of their special items to toy shops and stores everywhere so they are easier to find. I even hear that some have been dropped off in that magical place known as Amazon and they cost just Β£6.99. 
Just look what else you can buy for that mini fairy in training!

Izebella wants to be a tooth fairy when she gets older, her words, not mine. 

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