New fridge fruit packs from Dole 

Dole are probably most well known for their tinned fruits and the most popular fruit cocktail in a tin. They have recently bought out all new resealable fridge packets. 
The packets contain similar tasting fruits just as I’d find in the Dole tins but the difference being, these can be resealed and keep for longer than say half an opened tin would. 
They can be eaten and used just as any fruit would be it breakfast toppings, baking, or just as a healthy snack. The convenient resealable packs is enough to give one of your “5 a day”, every day, with no fuss. The Dole Resealable Fridge Packs are available in four options: Tropical Gold, pineapple chunks, mixed fruit, peach slices and prunes.

My two girls both love fruit, my boy is still as fussy as ever but the girls seemed really fascinated by the new packets in the fridge. 
This is the mixed fruit in cherry juice which Jordanna could not wait to open and try. 

And its a thumbs up from my girls. They both love eating tins of fruit cocktail as it is and now that its in a packet, it makes it much easier and less dangerous than attempting to open tins.
Dole has also bought out fruit freezer packs in six varieties. These get stored in the freezer until needed. 
The fridge packs cost approx £1.19 each and freezer packs £2.29 each and both fridge and freezer packs should be available to buy in supermarkets. I would say that each pack gives two fairly reasonable sized portions and so enough for two or more people to share. 

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