L.O.L Surprise dolls 

My girls have so many collectable figures, and now those figures have a new addition. It’s a tiny doll which comes in a ball full of surprises. This is bound to be the latest collectable craze – The L.O.L surprise dolls.

They come  as a ball, wrapped in many layers of plastic, a little too much plastic perhaps for a toy such as this. In fact there are 7 layers to peel off. The reason being is that underneath each layer is a little surprise such as stickers, doll shoes, clothes, accessories etc. 

Both my girls got their own LOL surprise ball and kept unwrapping and unwrapping until they found there big surprise which is buried inside the ball. 

There are 45 different dolls to find and obviously my girls did not know which one they would get until they unwrapped all the layers off. 
Each doll ball comes with stickers and different accessories and once the doll is found, the ball becomes a multi use accessory too. The doll can be kept inside the ball and the ball carried like a little bag, or the doll can stand up inside it like this!

Or put water inside them to give the dolls a bath. 
The dolls cost £8.00 each. The cost could get fairly high if my girls want to collect them all.

Like most collectable figures there are limited edition/special dolls to find and collect. I think this alone will make my girls ask for another one.
My girls like them, it’s probably not something I would rush out and buy as it would be £16.00 for 2 small dolls alone. However I do think they would make good stocking fillers for girls. There is a lot of plastic left over at the end, maybe a bit too much when we have more than one. The dolls themselves seem good quality and strong and durable enough to be played with. 
The recommended age is 3 and over. Lots of small parts and accessories with these which can easily be lost. Buy from most good toy stores.
We did attempt an unwrapping video, which did not turn out too great as Izebella found the unwrapping a little tricky, but here it is. 

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