Letters from Santa

Izebella was such a happy little girl when I told her that a special letter had arrived with her name on it. 
This letter had come all the way from the Lapland mail room and from Santa his self. Santa knew Izebellas name, age, where she was from, her best friends name and also a few achievements she’s done this year. He even knew of one of the presents she wanted.
The letter was a whole page long. Obviously Izebella can’t yet read by herself so she gets mummy to do the task for her many times.

The envelope did not just contain a letter, but lots of other things including a special certificate for Izebella to tell her she’s on the nice list this year, which made her very happy indeed. Also included are many things to draw and create including a Santa stop sign to colour in and hang on a door or window so Santa knows where to stop. 
The envelope comes with a special Lapland official seal stamp too. 
If you want Santa to send your a child a very special and personalized letter like this then head over to the Lapland mail room. But be quick because Santa can only post letters out up until December 21st, after that he is just too busy loading up the sleighs and many many sacs. Also Santa informs me that some of the nice people who help deliver letters may not be working as much next week and he would hate to disappoint those little children.
Now santa is very busy and needs a little help to send out the lovely letters. It’s just Β£7.95. 

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