Gift ideas for girls from The Entertainer

rI love the Entertainer toy shop. It seems so much better value than the other stores. 
I have two girls ages nine and four and here are just a few ideas for Xmas presents from the Entertainer. 
For my 4 year old – The Animagic fluffy goes Walkie! 

Fluffy is a gorgeous white puppy which resembles a Maltese or a bichon. It’s an interactive toy. Fluffy comes with a lead which lights up and flashes as she walks and barks.
The lead on this ball of fluff is even interconnectable meaning if siblings or friends also own a fluffy then multiple puppies can be walked via same lead. Fluffy needs 3 AA batteries and is suitable for ages 4 and over. To buy fluffy from the Entertainer, you get a huge discount. This normally costs £25.00 but currently priced at £18.75 in The Entertainer.
“And for slightly older girls” – It’s NERF!

And who said Nerf guns are just for boys? Nerf has its own brand of guns called Rebelle aimed especially at girls and just as good as the boys guns (oops I can hear the pc gender specific party shouting now!). This is the Nerf rebelle code breaker crossbow which Jordanna has. 
Jordanna has always been a little envious of big brothers nerf collection so is very happy to now have her own. This big crossbow has a massive range of 75 feet. Yes the darts can and will get lost and especially if used outside.
Eight foam darts come with it. These get put in the rotating drum and fired at the same time without reloading. It’s easy to use too, slide backwards and forwards and the aim and pull the trigger.
The codebreaker title isn’t for nothing either. It comes with a secret combination lock. This is perfect for Jordanna to keep big brother and little sister off it
The recommended image for this product is 8 years and over and this one costs £27.00.
The Entertainer stores can be found across the U.K. and online here. Their amazing penny sale is still on up until Christmas. Buy one full price toy and choose another from the penny selection for just a penny.

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