Baskets & more for Xmas + giveaway 

goThere is a company named “The Basket company”. They sell baskets of course. Baskets in many sizes and shapes,  for all uses and occasions and some of them rather pretty. 
Here are my latest baskets and just in time for Christmas too! 

The natural wicker round baskets start from just £5.00 with a choice of 3 sizes. Two handles and fully lined. They are really good for small toys or those annoying small doll accessories that easily become lost. They make great storage for make up too.
The Natural wicker lined storage baskets come in 4 sizes. I have a large one which is the 2nd biggest. This is very big. My 4 year old can even sit inside it so it will be good for shoes etc and will make a lovely Xmas eve box for my children this year too.
The Basket company also have a sister company called Katie Jane home who sell some rather pretty and unusual home accessories. This includes gifts, home decor, garden and even a small Christmas department. Here I have two items from Katie Jane home.

From the outset this looks just like a plain carry jar, but put batteries in and turn it on, and it looks more like this.

It’s an led jar with a stag design and makes a lovely Xmas decoration as it has that very old fashioned Christmas appeal to it and it’s so different to all the flashing more modern decorations. It only costs £11.00 too. Very beautiful.
Also from Katie Jane home which I could not resist getting is this beautiful triple photo frame. 
White shabby chic and a rope hanger, I chose this so that I could place a photo of each of my 3 children inside and hang up. It costs £17.50 and I can’t wait to hang it.
I’m sure anyone reading will agree that theses are all very beautiful items. And now you have a chance to win them all too.
One lucky winner will win all of the above items which includes the two baskets, led jar and the photo frame. The giveaway is powered by rafflecopter and will end one week from now on the 19th December. 
Please click the link below to enter 
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