Enjoying a *Slimming* meat hamper before Xmas 

Meats can be a great food to aid slimming and especially so if you’re part of a slimming club such as slimming world. A meat hamper such as this one contains all low sin fresh meat which are still nutritious and full of flavour. This hamper came from Live lean and costs £56.00.

The meat hampers are courier delivered in special boxes packed with ice. All the products can go straight in the freezer when received or defrosted to use same day. 
Inside the box is all this meaty goodness!
– 5KG Premium Chicken Fillets (approx. 24 chicken fillets)
– 2 x 6oz British Rump Steaks
– 2 x 400g lean beef mince (4% fat)
– 2 x 4oz British Chicken burgers
– 2 x 6oz Hache Steaks
– 24 lean steak meatballs
– 8 x British Chicken sausages
The chicken fillets are a really good size too and there are lots of them. I was luck to have a fair bit of space in my freezer when they arrived and they seem to be lasting us a good while. We have made wraps, curry and a few other chicken dishes with them. The only mistake I made was freezing them altogether so I now have to slice the frozen block everytime I want chicken.

We all enjoys the sausages and burgers pretty much the same day I got the hamper. Sausages were lovely and my kids loved the chicken burgers. 

These are the meatballs cooking, to which I added some sauce and pasta. The meatballs are very juicy and chunky, just how they should be.

My overall favourite product of this hamper has to be the steaks. Absolutely lovely, juicy and cooked extremely well  – medium, just the way I like them with a few onions, mushrooms and peppercorn sauce. 

Just lovely! If you want to buy a slimming meat hamper then you can order one via this page. Or have a browse of the other meat products including the Xmas hampers.

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