My photo Christmas cards (but only for the special people) 

Well we are quickly approaching the middle of December and this is the time when the majority of us start writing Xmas cards.
I buy quite a lot, I usually have 20 to post, then neighbours, local friends and of course the school friends of 3 children so it’s usually a case of a few cheap packs  of 50 and the cute mini ones for the kids. But!!!… what about the special people in our lives? Close family, close friends and people who have helped us out in someway this year. I do think they deserve a bit more than a cheap bog standard card. 
They get one of these! 

These are what I created over at Snapfish. There are lots of other designs and templates to make the cards with but I really liked this one as it allowed for five photographs. 
These cards are 7×5 and are the folded card type meaning I was able to include personalised txt inside. I was able to choose fonts, size and colour for the txt. 
Another card option at Snapfish is the flat card which also come in the larger 8×4 size.
The cards start at 75p each but Snapfish currently have a 40% off offer on the cards until December 11th. The cards take about 2/3 days to come so make sure you order early if you like the look of these. 
My cards are already on their way to those few special people in my life. 

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